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built on family & history

Hazy Meadow Ranch is family-owned and operated and has been under new management since September 2019. We take great pride in continuing the legacy that Linda Hayes, the previous owner, has
established and look forward to growing the facility into a sought-after equestrian center.

Our family has been connected to the ranch since 1992 when Pam and Brad (Mom & Dad) fulfilled our dreams of riding horses. Linda helped to develop our riding skills, and we all quickly went from friends to family. We have celebrated many milestones with Linda and this beautiful ranch from holiday parties, baby showers, and the marriage of Dean and Brittany in 2014.

When Linda decided to retire, it was our honor to take-over and continue her dream and make new
dreams of our own! The Hollenbecks, Olsons, and Pogues all live on the property and are passionate
about caring for animals, creating long-lasting relationships, and maintaining a beautiful facility.



Dean and Brittany



Jeremy and Cassaundra
with daughters
Makenna & Jordyn


Brad and Pam

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